Sitemap - 2021 - The Black Experience in America: The Course by Jon Fortt

Watch Live: HBCUs and the Black Experience in Higher Education

Our Stories Drive Change: Black Entrepreneurs in D.C., and Johns Hopkins Sibley's Ward Infinity

Bessie Smith, St. Louis Blues, and Breaking Convention

Race and the Truth Behind the Ugly Duckling

Masks, Black Achievement and Mental Health

A Black History Conference, And A Gut Check

This Land Is My Land, This Land Is Your Land*

Yasuke, Anime, and the Power of Self Definition

What, to America, is Juneteenth?

I'm Presenting 'The Course' at the Teaching Black History Conference, 7/23/21

New: Othello, Lesson 2 of The Course, Explores Power and Self Doubt

Texas House Bill 3979 and Learning American History

Bringing The Course to Teachers and Schools

White Guilt, Black Rage and Change That Lasts: A Poem

Daunte Wright, George Floyd, and the Paradox of Fear in the Black Experience

Should Black People Move Back Down South?

Anti-Asian Bias and the Work to Do

Spider-Man and the Black Experience: Nobody Knows Who You Are

Overcoming: The Challenge to Rise Above Society's Limits

Beauty and Belonging: Decoding Our Social Norms With An Eye Toward Race

What Slavery Stole, and What It Couldn't

Spreading the Word: Talking About The Course with The Verge and GoNoodle

Black History with an Assist from Tech and Community

New: Multiculturalism, Lesson 16 of The Course, Examines the Challenge After Civil Rights

Created Equal: Race, and America's Incomplete Grade

Good Trade: An African Civilization Lesson Using S'mores