I'm Presenting 'The Course' at the Teaching Black History Conference, 7/23/21

Often, my first impulse when solving a problem — and this is not a good thing — is to invent a solution from scratch. So a year ago, when I told a group of Black friends from my alma mater that I was thinking about designing a course on the Black experience, they wisely advised me to look at what’s already available out there.

I didn’t find anything that fit what I wanted. And that convinced me we should make major changes to the way we teach Black history.

Since last year, I’ve learned that there are a lot of skilled educators who feel the same way, and who have been working to improve Black history education. And I’m thrilled to be joining many of them for the 4th annual Teaching Black History Conference on July 23. (A major theme, as you can see above, is teaching about Black Wall Street.) It’s organized by the Carter Center for K-12 Black History Education at the University of Missouri.

At the conference I’ll share my goals in crafting The Black Experience in America: The Course. I’ll share what I’ve learned from designing free digital materials, interactive online classes, and teacher training videos. And I’ll share my hopes for tech’s potential to extend learning beyond the classroom.

Feel free to share information about the Teaching Black History Conference with educators. Registration is $99, and you can sign up here.

You can take The Course online. Buy a lesson bundle, and send others the link: