New: Multiculturalism, Lesson 16 of The Course, Examines the Challenge After Civil Rights

After the Civil Rights Era, the evils of segregation were seared onto the American conscience. Dr. King's dream had taken on urgency. The vast majority of society seemed to sign onto the idea that racism, discrimination, unequal opportunity were all bad.

The complicated part was what to do about it.

The latest lesson from The Black Experience in America: The Course covers a period of time many classes don’t: the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. In the setup, we look at how early efforts to achieve integration foundered, and not just in the South. Then we look at how American society, eager to believe it had evolved beyond racial division, discovers that serious problems remain.

This lesson tackles a few myths about race in America. One is that only the South, and rural areas, experienced true racial division. Another is that the success of a few prominent African Americans necessarily signals permanent progress for everyone.

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