The Black Experience in America: The Course: Take It Online Now


From the moment I taught the first lesson of The Course in July 2020, I puzzled over technological challenges. My students were spread across six states and the District of Columbia. How could I talk to them, show them video resources, encourage them to interact with each other?

We figured it out, and had a wonderful time delving into the 18-lesson curriculum.

As of today, I’m bringing that high-quality experience online to you.

Once I knew that group of students enjoyed The Course, I wanted to make it as accessible as possible. I’ve made a free PDF version available for download at that outlines all the lessons and resources I used. But for those who want to invest in a deeper learning experience, I wanted to do more. A premium version of The Course is also available for PDF download. And now, an immersive version where I can lead you through the material myself, at

In this format I’m able to keep pace with you as we connect the ideas in the material together. Video resources and prompts are embedded right into the experience. And it works on PCs, phones and tablets so you can take the experience with you wherever you go.

For now, the first lesson is available, The Souls of Black Folk. But more is coming. Enroll today at, and feel free to share this and leave feedback.